Thrillbox solutions provide customers with intelligent behavioral insights into how their users engage with their productsWe are an end to end streaming data management platform that enables automotive, medical imaging and entertainment companies to measure optimize and monetize their data.

Enhancing User Experiences in a Connected World

As our world becomes more connected, user experience should as well. Thrillbox is the leader in understanding individuals preferences in everyday life situations and enabling industries to deliver custom experiences in real-time while maintaining privacy.

Streaming Data for Real-Time Behavioral Insights

Delivering real-time insights requires data to flow to and from all our devices, selves and the networks powering them without latency



Of organizations have said that they will build more solutions that require streaming data.

Quantify the Human Experience

We measure the impression that each of us makes in our digital ecosystem by connecting location data, content engagement, and centralized distribution technology.

Device and Platform Agnostic

Thrillbox platform integrates seamlessly with legacy back-ends, enabling large and small enterprises to deploy immersive personalized experiences. Our suite of APIs and SDKs, integrate with existing applications and proprietary players allowing our customers to monetize, optimize and measure.

The Power of Privacy

We are GDPR compliant already

Industry Built ProductsWe enable behavioral data curation and analysis, for businesses looking to learn what most engages their audience.

With walled garden ecosystems, connecting your audience’s behavior and personalizing their experience across all of your properties has never been more challenging.  Utilizing our platform we provide auto, medical and entertainment groups with centralized content distribution, compression technology, and analytics. 

Our Products

Who We Work WithIndustries that want to deliver personalized experiences in entertainment, mobility and healthcare.

Learn More About our Verticals


We help Automotive OEM’s and TIER1 suppliers to create leading solutions for:
  1. Personalized in-cabin-experiences that enable drivers and passengers to enjoy the drive safely
  2. Enhancing the pre-sale, buying and post-purchase experience of WebVR and VR showrooms that actually measure buyers desires, likes and dislikes
  3. Training to operate complex AR/VR/Gaming simulation systems and automated assessment of proficiency


We help medical equipment makers, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to deliver:
  1. Education & Training to operate or repair complex equipment, learn complex surgical procedures, sell sophisticated equipment or drugs in easy to explain ways and enable patient AR/VR/Gaming simulation systems and automated assessment of proficiency.
  2. Elder care by understanding and interpreting patient state and behaviors at home


We work with publishing houses, studios, and content creators to enable them
  1. To create and distribute content in a manner that resonates and activates the end user

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