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Thrillbox Immersive Media Cube

Data for New Dimensions

Attention is the currency of the 21st century and data is the new gold standard. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are radically changing the way consumer behavior is measured and control of the audience experience is being ceded from Producer to Consumer.  It is no longer sufficient to just know where users are looking, it is critical to business to know what users are looking at and for how long.  Thrillbox provides this information and more via quantifiable data that is used to understand exactly what the consumer is paying attention to.

VR Analytics

360, AR and VR analytics with actionable business insights developed specifically for immersive media. We analyze what objects users are engaged with and for how long, allowing you to identify, retarget and monetize the most effective methods of reaching your audience in VR.


Distribute and activate your audience with our virtual reality distribution tools and 360 Video players. White label players for iOS, Android, WebVR, and Game Engines.
VR Analytics
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