Thrillbox measures and values the unique engagements we each have with media We are an end to end streaming data management platform that enables automotive, medical imaging and entertainment companies to measure optimize and monetize their data.

Big Data for a Connected World

As our computers become more connected the user experience should as well. With big data now a reality and being used in our everyday lives, we believe big data will power the future of “everyday life”.

Streaming Data for Real-Time Human Insights

In order for us to achieve an interactive world (think augmented reality) the data must be able to flow to and from our devices, selves and the networks powering them.


Of organizations have said that they will build more solutions that require streaming data.

Quantify the Human Experience

We measure the impression that each of us makes in our digital ecosystem by connecting location data, content engagement, and centralized distribution technology.

Device and Platform Agnonstic

The Thrillbox platform is designed to integrate with legacy backends for large and small enterprises seeking to deploy immersive media. With our suite of APIs and SDKs we can integrate with existing applications and proprietary players allowing you to monetize, optimize and measure

The Power of Privacy

Intent and effort don’t need to be tied to our identity, our platform protects user privacy but enables the thing we call luck through the power of opportunity and preparation.

Industry Built ProductsWe enable behavioral data curation and analysis, for businesses looking to learn what most engages their audience.

With walled garden ecosystems, connecting your audience’s behavior and personalizing their experience¬†across all of your properties has never been more challenging.¬† Utilizing our platform we provide auto, medical and entertainment groups with centralized content distribution, compression technology, and analytics.¬†

Our Products

Who We Work WithA personalized experience for what you watch, where you are going, and the healthcare you receive.

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Our engagement verifies and predicates omnichannel marketing efforts with content distribution and engagement data. Our platform enables publishing houses, studios and agencies to create and distribute content and a manner that resonates and activates end users.


We work with Oems and mobility partners to curate the in-cabin experience and personalize the transportation experience

Medical Imaging

We connect the machines the drive our surgical experiences with the people the implement them.

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