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Brands and Agencies are pouring millions into immersive media, but the concern for marketing remains the same

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” -John Wanamaker

Every media platform has its own metrics to measure consumers responses to marketing.

For TV it’s Nielsen.

For the Internet: Google.

For Mobile: Flurry.

What about Virtual Reality?

2d data analytics are inadequate; brands, creatives and CDN’s need quantifiable data that results in actionable business intelligence.

Knowing if they watched is not enough.

Knowing where they watched is not enough.

Knowing what they watched is essential.

Analytics in VR visualization


Thrillbox is a two-year-old startup from Austin, Texas on the front lines of the immersive experience economy. The intersection of immersive media (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,360 videos) and cognitive computing (big data, computer vision, machine learning) is transforming the landscape of our world. From education and entertainment to advertising and commerce, immersive consumer engagement will drive monetization strategies as companies embrace the new media. Thrillbox facilitates immersive consumer engagement by providing virtual reality analytics, ROI metrics and actionable insights on user behavior based on users engagement within immersive media content.


Thrillbox is an agile team of specialists, it’s comprised of T-shaped individuals with wide knowledge bases and deep expertise in their respective fields.

Mike Love CEO of Thrillbox

Mike Love


Benjamin Durham COO and Founder of Thrillbox

Benjamin Durham


Britt White CRO of Thrillbox

Britt White


Russell Vargo Director of Media for Thrillbox

Russell Vargo

Director of Media