The Thrillbox Advisory Board are the Best of the Best in their respective fields

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Advisory Board

Chris Bobotis

Director of Immersive at Adobe

Currently serving as Director of Immersive Media at Adobe
 Chris is a founding partner and the Creative Director at Mettle, a creative boutique and production studio, as well as a 3D Plug-in Developer for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

David Goldman

SR. VP. Of Entertainment

David is a well known attorney, agent and an entertainment entrepreneur. He sealed television production deals  for Viacom, 20th Century Fox and ABC/Disney and brought in major partnerships for Sprint with major Telcos both in the U.S. and internationally.

David Breshears

Account Executive at

David has extensive creative, digital and strategic knowledge in building strategic partnerships in e-commerce social media and marketing. He led operations and business accounts for Outreach, Netcore Data, Invodo, Demand Media, Civitas Learning and 

Scott Ross

Founder of Virtuosity, Founder of Digital Domain

Scott is an American digital media executive and the CEO of Virtuosity. He is also the Ex CEO LucasFilm, Industrial Light & Magic.  He founded Digital Domain Inc., that garnered two Academy Awards and three nominations, receiving its first Oscar in 1997.

Vinay Narayan

Executive Director of VR at HTC Vive

Vinay Narayan is the Executive Director of VR for HTC VIVE overseeing the commercialization and market growth strategies of VR. He has been actively involved at Virtual Reality since the inception of HTC Vive. He's always reviewing how VR is changing the way users consume content and interact in immersive environments.