Every user's field of view is a different story we can learn from.

Thrillbox measures what people see and interact within immersive media.

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You need to know what audiences could have seen, what they are exposed to, and what they focus on.

Data for New Dimensions

360 video and VR is a new frontier for behavioral analytics. For the first time you can know what each user is engaging with.

Mobile and Headset Compatible

We are platform and device agnostic allowing us to grow and evolve with the industry.

Know what users are looking at

Where a user looks, dictates what they see. This is huge for determining an ROI with any media type.

Every media platform has its own way to measure impact

With every new medium a data has always been the path to monetization and a valuable return on investment. Thrillbox does just this.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Our data visualization and integration with Tableau allows us to integrate your immersive media campaigns directly into your traditional business intelligence platforms.

The Problem with Heat Maps

Heatmaps are a heuristic method of data visualization that shows WHERE a user is looking. Requiring a human’s subjective interpretation of visualized data to generate any actionable business intelligence. This is a bottleneck to scalability, limiting the automation capabilities of using immersive behavioral data sets to optimize retargeting efforts for advertising or transactions. Lack of knowing WHAT users are looking at results in data sets that cannot be tied to ROI styled performance metrics.

Designed for ease of use and clarity

Simply tag the objects of interest using traditional title, description and keywords terms. Then upload to the Thrillbox cloud server and deploy for immersion.

Once deployed every user session down to each frame is analyzed and compiled.

Using the Immersive Media Workbench you can see your contents performance, most viewed objects, and even geolocation.