Produce, Distribute, Engage

The Immersive Media Workbench enables all media professionals the ablitiy to distribute, stream, monetize and measure all of their 360 video or augmented reality deployments

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Optimize your strategy for success


We believe that the content you produce should be geared toward the audience and distribution outlet you are targeting.


Ultimately where you where you end up distributing your immersive media will dictate the type, length and audience that you will reach.


When distributing and producing your content the goal should be to engage with your target audience or to identify what your target audience is.


Once you've identified who is most engaged and what they are most engaged with, activate them via push notification for a unique experience, special, or just alert them of new content.


With this activation method you are able to help push and better control consumption times that are more relevant for your audience or have higher conversion rates.


Ultimately, their investment into your content will reward them with specials, your organization with rich behavioral data and an all around more fluent customer.

Empower your organization with access

With larger enterprises experimenting with all facets of immersive media from training, to advertising, and entertainment it's hard to manage and provide equal access to quality with a diverse set of global deployments. We allow every member of an organization to access, edit and publish immersive media all while creating a centralized content and behavioral analytics library; that highlight and easily visualize the success of your immersive media deployments.


User set up and administration including, roles and permissions. Auto registration and self service set up of online users with recurring payment support via Connector to the payment gateway.


The Immersive Media content management system allows clients to upload immersive content for storage in the Amazon or Google cloud, review and editing online and tagging for easy future retrieval.


Creation and management of “Hot Spots” in immersive media content which are the areas of focus and / or 3D objects that are targeted for tracking during consumer engagement sessions using our view-ability algorithms.

small, fast and smart

Our immersive media workbench also allows you to compress your content into consumable sizes, stream high-definition 360 video at 7mbs and visualize audience engagement.


Transcoding compression algorithms for reducing the bandwidth and storage required to support immersive media content including 4K live streaming compression reducing stream bandwidth to 6 Mbs or less.


Real time actionable insights based push notification utility using consumer insights gained from immersive media content engagement session analytics delivered to specific users via their mobile applications.


Interactive Data Visualization software for extracting insights from immersive media consumer sessions. We utlize Tableau as the basis for our Visualizer via a strategic technology partner agreement.