Big Streaming Data

ThrillBox is an end-to-end Immersive Media Streaming Data Analytics Platform enabling enterprises, brands, producers, distribution networks, and publishers to measure, optimize, and monetize their immersive media be it VR, AR, or 360 videos.

Analytics Distribution

Device and Platform Agnostic

The Thrillbox platform is designed to integrate with legacy backends for large and small enterprises seeking to deploy immersive media. With our suite of APIs and SDKs we can integrate with existing applications and proprietary players allowing you to monetize, optimize and measure

One Platform, unlimited possibilities

With our immersive media workbench, AWS platform and Tableau partnership we enable creators, distributors, and enterprises to measure, optimize, and monetize their immersive media with our Immersive Media Workbench. This workbench utilizes our exclusive 4k compression algorithm, our patent-pending analytics technology, and finally our white label 360 video players.