Attention is The Currency of The 21st CenturyData is The New Gold Standard

We drive behavioral analytics and centralized content distribution, for businesses looking to learn what most engages their audience.

Fresh data

Our platform allows for streaming and batch analysis giving you the intelligence you need for real-time and post-event decision making.


Our cloud-based platform allows for rapid scaling for large amounts of data-processing our spikes in peak concurrent users.

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Produce Distribute Engage. The Thrillbench is a content distribution and behavioral analytics platform for 2d Video and 360 Video. We provide embedded web players, and mobile app SDKs along the ability to tag objects of interest within the content itself and measure the focus of selected objects


Our compression technology allows you to compress your 2d and 360 video content to 36 percent of its original size, as well as stream videos at 7mb per second.

Enterprise Platform

Our Streaming data management platform is ideal for large enterprises tasked with the challenge extracting actionable business insights from often fragmented ecosystems. We enable white label integration of our workbench, our analytics, and web/mobile SDKs. 

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Mobile App SKDs

Our Thrillbench enables you to quickly create white-labeled mobile apps or distribute content to your applications from a centralized platform.

Android iOS

Web Players

Having distributive control of your content is critical these days, our 2D and 360 video players allow you to easily embed your videos into your web properties.

2D Video Player    360 Player

Facial Recognition

Body language is often a missing ingredient in one’s measurement, but with our facial recognition technology, we measure if users are happy, sad, surprised or angry in anonymous and secure fashion.

Big Data In Space

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