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We build products for industries that will experience transformational growth with the introduction and measurement of immersive media

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Our Products are being built in cooperation with Lighthouse clients using the Immersive Media Workbench and Data Management Platform. We are tailoring our products for vertical market sectors to allow our enterprise clients to monetize their Immersive Media initiatives via increased revenue and reduced costs.


Our Immersive Media Workbench or client portal is the entry point for customers allowing auto registration and auto recurring payment for self service access to our solutions including highly specialized tools and utilities designed to help standardize and optimize their immersive business processes.


Our big streaming Data Management Platform is the foundation on which our solution offerings are built and is designed to measure audience behavior inside of Immersive Media content using specialized algorithms, computer vision and machine learning technologies and techniques.

Industries We Work With


360 video and Augmented Reality are quickly becoming the norm for advertisers to engage with their audience. The Thrillbox platform enables you to know what each user for each ad impression engages most with. Programmatically understand and serve immersive or traditional omni-channel marketing efforts.


The entertainment industry is quickly adopting the medium but require the knowledge of what users most engaged with. With this data the entertainment industry of truly adapting their production, post production, and marketing efforts.


With virtual and augmented reality education and training is interactive. With the immersive capabilities we can truly measure the learning outcomes of each and every student, employee, or sales prospect.


Transportation is drastically changing and we believe augmented reality will be a key factor. We work with mobility companies to quantify and distribute their immersive technologies.


With our commerce partners we help enable retail experience and transactional capabilities for all immersive deployments