The Revolution Will Be StreamingProcesses are The Engines of Flux



Medical Imaging

AutomotiveThe transportation experience is now interactive and democratized

The future of mobility is powered by data

Data is generated in our homes, on our devices, in our cars, and throughout our city. This level of connectivity and data generation is unprecedented and creates a new opportunity to transform the mobility experience. Uses include optimizing the in-cabin experience for solo riders or multi-rider party’s through our facial recognition, emotion recognition, and persistent user i.ds.

We help automotive partners with:

  • Virtual showrooms for top of funnel marketing, and in-dealership customization
  • Vehicle assembly and fleet maintenance
  • Vehicle design
  • In-cabin experience and multi-user in-cabin experiences


EntertainmentWhile the technology of how we watch content is changing, our love for it is not.

Types of Data Created

Connecting and understanding the user experience across all platforms has grown increasingly fragmented. User focus has dwindled and understanding what was most engaging even during a ten-second experience provides valuable intelligence that can optimize omnichannel targeting and distribution. Using the Thrillbench platform we allow you to distribute and tag objects of interest within your 2d and 360 videos across mobile applications and web properties. Our Analytics technology will then tell what objects each user focused on the longest, where they are located and what time of day they viewed it.

We work with publishing houses, studios, and content creators to provide:

Medical Imaging Human assisted treatment

Data Driven Medical Imaging

Connected healthcare is needed to properly detect, project and manage health modalities as well as optimize the treatment and surgical process.

We enrich this new technology by connecting:

  • Robotic surgical rooms
  • Medical education and training
  • Smart homes
  • Patient treatment