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VR Analytics

Attention is the currency of the 21st-century

Data is the new gold standard

With Virtual Reality and 360 videos, your audience has control like never before and play counts simply don’t cut it. You need to know what they engaged with, and most importantly why; we help you do just that. Thrillbox provides virtual reality analytics that reveals not only how and where an immersive experience was viewed but also measures the viewability (or focus) of products within the content itself.

Knowing when, where and what…

can teach us who, how and why

Head Tracking + Streaming Data Management

Unlike most vr analytics companies, Thrill’s Platform collects streams of user behavioral data like head movement and peripheral input, in real time for every frame of an experience. This technology does not require the use of the Thrill 360 video player

Clients who use 360 video players optimized for native operating systems or Virtual Reality experiences that use game engines like Unity can integrate our HCI logging technology to measure the viewability and provide true virtual reality analytics.

Thrill’s platform provides distinct data regarding where an object of interest is located within an end user’s Field of View:

  • Visible

  • Aware

  • Focus

  • Direct Awareness

Thrillbox Analytics Magic

Thrillbox data visualization technology offers quantifiable data regarding an audience’s interaction with immersive content that can be sliced and diced into actionable business intelligence for virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 videos.

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